How to Approach a Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootWhen it comes to adult, grown-up men, you can properly talk to them, direct them, and be a lot creative without worrying too much about it. But with babies, you have to worry about a lot of things: are they comfortable? Will the parents give consent? Should I change the color of the blanket?

The baby has zero say in this, so you are left on your own to think about what you should do in a baby photoshoot.

Start with a sleepy baby

Start off by remembering the fact that you need the baby to be still and calm at all times. That’s pretty much how a sleeping baby looks like and a baby is easier to fall asleep after they are fed. So, when you work with your babies, make sure that mothers feed them before the photography session. It keeps them calm and sleepy throughout the session.

At times, you might need to let the mother breastfeed in the middle of the session. It might take more time than you thought, but this is very common and you can expect that most of your baby photography sessions will be like this.

Not-so sleepy baby?

When you work with newborn babies that are older than two weeks old, they tend to be more active. These babies are more likely to be wide-awake at one time during the session. That means you need to go with a more active and livelier concept with the baby awake. Suggest that parents bring their own pair of clothes for the baby to take pictures in.

It will still turn out well, but don’t forget to let your clients know what to expect in a baby photoshoot with older babies.

Safety first!

The tips to a successful newborn photoshoot are the one where the baby is always safe and comfortable. Whatever props you use, it has to be firm and steady. The buckets or cups or beanbags that you use have to be propped and held with strong materials that keep them steady.

Your clients will also appreciate it if you pay more attention to these things and won’t even get mad if the session stretches for hours.

Also, remember to keep the room warm and comfortable for the baby. Newborn babies are especially sensitive to cold temperature, so aside from the central heater, you can use hot packs under the blankets to make it comfortable.

Scheduling their photoshoot

It’s easy to schedule baby photography sessions, however, for newborn sessions, it’s a little bit tricky. Parents can tell you their due date, but no one is really sure when the baby will choose to be born. Such uncertainties are expected, so photographers need to provide clients with a range of date to choose from.

The way it is done is by giving parents a time range from 7-day ahead the predicted date to 7-day late.

These 4 steps are a simple way to get started on a baby photoshoot. Taking pictures of babies as your main subject can be challenging and even confusing & hectic! But if you have prepared yourself, then it will be a breeze before you manage to take so many cute and dazzling baby pictures like Stephen Bruce Photography.

Tips for Creating the Best Portfolio as Wedding Photographers Kent

wedding photographer KentFor wedding photographers Kent wanting to create the most incredible portfolio possible, there are a few key factors you absolutely must include. These factors are extremely important if you want to impress a potential employer or customer.

Using the Ideal Format

Professionalism is a prized requirement in any business. For your portfolio to even be noticed, let alone considered, it must look professional. Using the right format is vital to this. If you use the wrong format, you could end up looking for business a lot longer than you initially expected.

This format should include a section for your areas of experience, expertise, and a digital portfolio that they can reference later. It should also include a personal profile where they can learn more about you as a person, so that they have an idea of what to expect from you.

Showing Examples of Your Work

One thing that will catch any employer or customer’s attention is examples of your work. Starting with the best photos that you have taken and perhaps even showing the progress of your work and how it bettered over time and though different opportunities.

These examples should be one or two of your favorites, some of your best and some of your most popular. This will give you a wider range of things to show off your abilities as a photographer, as well as how popular your works are becoming.

Talk about your Education and Experience

You are wedding photographers Kent now, but what were you before? Who were you, and who are you now? How have these experiences bettered you not only as a photographer, but as a person? The more personal side of your business will interest them just as much as the business aspect, so don’t be shy.

Show Off Your Skills and Specialty

Got a specialty? Show it off! This is not the time to be shy; be confident in your work and in yourself. This is your business, after all, and you should be ready to give it the boost it needs. Be proud of the work you’ve done, and don’t be shy about your artistic ability.

Show off what makes this artwork work yours. What makes it invaluable? Why can no one else do it how you do? Point out your style, and why it is your style. Tell them all about why you chose to do photography in your own way, and why it’s so beautifully unique to you.

Give them an idea of why you are one of a kind, and why no one could match you in what you do. Show them what your point of view is, give them a look through your perspective. Use your photo book and its contents to really sell what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

Be open and prepared for questions, both regarding your business and personal life. They will want to know more about you, and you should want to tell them, because sharing about yourself is also sharing about your business, and promoting your business.

For more on how to create a portfolio that showcases your best work, wedding photographers Kent, Penny Young Photography can help you in this regard.

4 Tips Every Wedding Photographer Essex Needs to Get Beautiful Images

wedding photographer EssexIf you are trying to improve your skills, or if you have only just started working with a camera and learning about photography, then you might be in need of some tips. If you are looking for some helpful insight, then this is a good place to start.

Here, I will list and explain four tips that absolutely every wedding photographer Essex needs to know for the best possible results. Once you finish here, you will have a better understanding of what photography is and how to further polish your skills- even if you’re completely new to this and don’t quite yet know what natural skill you possess in this passion.

  • Know Your Gear

As a photographer, you need to get to know your gear as thoroughly as you possibly can. If you find it difficult to figure out any piece of your gear, then get into contact with someone who can help you, or look up some helpful resources for doing so.

Whenever you are exploring with your equipment, make sure that you are never experimenting on your clients. Do this in your free time, so that it does not hinder your impression on your clients. If you experiment on your clients, you could extend the length of time and increase the amount of pictures actually taken, while leaving your client with a much smaller result than it felt the work was.

Doing this would give a negative impression of your work to your clients, which will discourage them from hiring you again or referring you to anyone they know, as well as cause your business name and record to be overall tarnished by a poor choice of timing.

  • Understand Lighting

Whenever you take a photo, no matter what your method, gear, or skill is, you absolutely have to take the lighting into account and adjust accordingly. Everything depends on the lighting. Regardless of the pose, props, and every other factor, the lighting can be what makes or breaks the outcome of the shoot.

Get a feel for the lighting in several different settings. Take your camera wherever you go and practice exposure. Go out with friends and do a just for fun photo shoot- pose them in different types of lighting, and you will start to get a better feel of how to work with it.

  • Keep Backups of Everything

A wedding photographer Essex is always prepared. Anything can happen. It is vital to have backups of absolutely everything you can. Keeping backups of everything will not only be beneficial to you and your clients in the event that something unforeseen and possibly even crazy unlikely happens; it will also keep your clients calm and confident about your knowledge and ability to be so prepared.

Keeping backup files is always essential. To go through your career as a photographer without keeping any backup files is far more than improbable, it’s completely insane to attempt doing so. Having backup files is a standard procedure, due to the very simple fact that things have always been known to happen to files.

The same principle applies to your gear and equipment. SD cards break, lenses crack, and even tri pods with cameras set up ready for the pose have fallen over and been broken. This is why you must always be cautious with your equipment, not matter how experienced you are, and always have backups.

  • Understand The Proper Uses of Posing

If you don’t understand posing, that’s okay. It’s an easy thing to learn. The easiest way to begin is to work with what looks the most natural, and stick to what the client is comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be elegant.

For more about wedding photographer Essex, check out Justin Bailey Photography.

Factors Couples Consider for Wedding Dates, Location and Wedding Photographer Billericay – checked

wedding photographer BillericayOnce upon a time, weddings were events that took place during the weekends. As of now, weddings can occur at any time of day although most couples still prefer weekends as weekdays are periods where individuals work and are often busy. This is one of the changes that occurs as the world keeps evolving.

However, this does not change the fact that for couples, before deciding on where and when they should hold a wedding, certain factors are considered first. Some of them include:

  • Season

Have you ever heard of a winter wedding or Christmas wedding? Nowadays, it is not rare to find couples selecting their wedding dates based on the time of year or season they would like to intertwine with it. A winter wedding might be like a ball where the couples wear all white. A Christmas wedding would have the yuletide theme also going for it.

  • Venue

Sometimes, halls and certain locations are only free at certain time periods. If a couple decides that they want to be getting married at a certain hall or location, and they only date it would be available is during the summer, then chances are, the wedding would be moved up or down to accommodate this period of availability. This is why most couples try to book a wedding venue as early as possible to avoid surprises or disappointments.

  • View

Most couples also have certain fantasies which they want to relive on their wedding day. Some would like their favorite things to accompany them as they start a new life. One such scenario is the view of the wedding location. A picturesque sunset on the beach, falling peach blossoms or a towering mountain. The couple might consider the best time of year that allows for these things and settle upon a time and date to accompany it.

  • Photographers

Photographers are important components of weddings. Without them, most couples would be left without their wedding memories. Just like the wedding view and location, couples have to take their time in deciding the wedding photographer Billericay that can help bring their wedding story to life. Also, like the wedding location, the wedding photographer Billericay need to be booked at an early time.

If you want to get married at a particular period of the year for example Christmas, chances are wedding photographer Bllericay like will already have a lot of bookings due to other couples having the same idea. You need to beat the rush by making an early booking.

  • History

“My mom got married in this wedding gown at this wedding location and I promised myself that I would tie the know at this very spot too.” “This was where we first met and I decided that as we were going to start a new life together, why not do it at the spot that started it all”. These are just certain stories that couples might tell to explain the decision to get married on a certain day in a certain location. Afterall, history is very important in shaping the future.

How Your Wedding Photographer Derbyshire Can Take Beautiful Wedding Pictures

 wedding photographer derbyshireThere are many things that you can do for your wedding photographer Derbyshire as he does his best for your wedding pictures. But you might be wondering what you can do or why do you even have to care about it? You spend a lot looking for the right person and you have spent a lot on hiring the photographer.

Trust us, however, that you will really be helping them if you know the right thing to do. And it’s not too much on your end!

For your own wedding pictures

If you help your wedding photographer, you are helping them to do even better for your wedding pictures. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding pictures at stake and it’s not something you can change or replace for anything else. So, here are what you can do for your photographer.

Send them itinerary

You need to let them know what you plan to do at your wedding. They have to be around you for the whole time and they also have to make sure that they are in the right place as events go on. For example, they have to station their equipment in the right place before the party starts, so he can use them when he needs them.

You also need to update them on your itinerary if you plan to change it. They have to know the changes to adjust their plan. If they are in position during the most important times, you will get the best wedding pictures your photographer can get. We know a professional wedding photographer Derbyshire named Aaron Russell who agrees with this.

Discuss the plan

It’s important that the photographer knows what you plan. You might have planned the wedding yourself or hired an organizer to help you with it. If you have an organizer, make sure the photographer and the organizer can work together. For example, group pictures are must-have, but it’s impossible to get them all if you plan things out properly! People will spend a lot of time greeting you before having their pictures taken.

It’s also important to tell your photographer if you have some places you’d like to visit to have your pictures taken. Your photographer can calculate for you the time needed to visit those places to take pictures and then to return to whatever you need to do.

Fewer problems

Your wedding photographer also has things they want to express especially how the situation is always different in every wedding. Such as how your guests are enthusiastic people who always want to take pictures of you all the time, especially the important ones. And then there’s your photographer pushed out of the frame, as he couldn’t shove the guests away.

It can really be up to you to help your wedding photographer Derbyshire. If you are willing to spend 10 or 15 more minutes to talk about it, your photographer will really appreciate it and you will definitely enjoy the benefits. No more guests in the way of your photographer and they can focus more on their job.

How Many Wedding Photographers Surrey You Will Need?

wedding photographers SurreyEvery couple wants to do their best to find the right person to do their job. But sometimes, you might actually meet the right people because only one person is not enough. But how do you know if you will need multiple wedding photographers Surrey? Don’t worry if you have no idea how to decide that because we can help you with it.

How big is your wedding?

The first question you must answer is how big your wedding is. The bigger it is, the more photographer you will need. Obviously, an additional shooter will help cover more of the wedding and provide you with more pictures to keep. But, how big is too big for a solo shooter?

The different photographer has different capabilities. But a professional photographer will be able to tell you how much he can handle by himself. He won’t just tell you that he can do what you want even when it’s obviously not something he can do about alone.

But note that a single photographer will still be able to cover all the important moments. As a professional, they will always prioritize capturing the pictures of the main wedding party such as the ceremony and the reception. You don’t have to worry about it even if you are only hiring one photographer. But what you will miss is pictures that could have included your friends and parents.

A professional single photographer?

There are quite a lot of professional wedding photographers Surrey. But one that we particularly want to recommend is Captive Photography. This photographer is very particular about putting the clients first. Not just that, words are only given when the photographer knows he’s capable of it. That means you will know if you will need a second shooter after consulting with this photographer.

Types of a second shooter

There are different kinds of the second shooter depending on their jobs. Some of you probably thought of a second shooter someone who is at the same level as the main photographer. Some of you might be thinking of an assistant. Either isn’t wrong because a second shooter can be someone who is actually the photographer’s partner or maybe only an assistant.

That is why it is important that you know what kind of a second shooter your photographer is talking about. If it’s actually just someone to help take care of the equipment and carrying them around, that’s not a second shooter. An assistant level would mean that the shooter is responsible to take pictures of the venue, guests and things that can be added into your wedding pictures collection.

Your main photographer must inform you about the second shooter so you know that you are not paying extra for nothing. Check your contract before you sign anything as well and make sure that it is stated how many photographers will come and if possible, the name of the photographers.

Made your choice, yet?

Don’t worry, take your time to find the photographer. There are many wedding photographers Surrey that you have to check and it can be a very long process! But this is necessary if you want to make sure that you get the best pictures of your wedding!

Questions to Ask for Wedding Photography Leicester

wedding photography LeicesterWhat should you ask when you meet a wedding photographer? You want to make that single meeting count, and because of that, we want to help you list out the things you need to get answers regarding the wedding photography Leicester service you are getting.

Experience and skills

The wedding photographer’s quality and capability are the first things you need to confirm. Ask how long he’s worked as a photographer and how many years in that includes him working as a wedding photographer. It’s also worth asking if he works on anything other than as a wedding photographer. You want someone who focuses on wedding photography only and gives his all in it.

Also, the longer is the experience, the better it is. And how long is long enough? There’s not precise answer because there are the portfolios to decide it. Longer experience tells you if the photographer knows what he’s doing. It also means the photographer has potentially faced many problems and overcome them, reassuring you that you shouldn’t worry too much should anything happen.

When you look at the portfolios, ask about his style and his methods of working. Does he like to remain in the background or pose people for the pictures better?

Quote and additional fee

How much does it cost to hire the photographer at the hours you ask? Each photographer differs in not just the price, but also the additional services they provide. Some couples appreciate the bonuses while others who are tight on a budget might be more willing to forgo them in exchange for a discount.

For example, if you check, the site of a professional wedding photography Leicester studio, you will be able to see the price of the service already. But when you meet them, you should ask things like customizing or negotiating the terms of the packages to fit your needs more. There is a possibility that the wedding photographer will agree.

Be sure to check if there is an additional fee if you have to hire the photographer to work longer on the spot. Also, make sure that the logistics fee is covered and included in the final price when you discuss it. If you will be hiring the wedding photographer to work somewhere quite far that needs him to stay the day before, ask how to best take care of it.


Aside from the experience and skill, we also want you to check out one aspect of professionalism and that is his frequency of work. Some photographers work on a total of 60-70 weddings a year, others take up much less job. At a glance, some might think those who work more are better at their job and earn more. But more isn’t always better.

A photographer that takes up too much job won’t be able to focus on each of them and only does it halfheartedly because they are either too tired or just couldn’t care less. A photographer who sets enough time apart from each job has more time to plan and focus on each client. He will also have more time to meet and discuss the wedding photography Leicester service with you.

3 Great Things About Being a Photographer Hampshire

It can be said that photography is a great profession.

photographer HampshireYou get to view the beauty of the world through the lenses of a camera. You also get to immortalize this beauty in pictures so that years from now they are still relevant. There is a saying that the best way to view the world is through the eyes of a photographer Hampshire as everything is a beauty.

However, it is not all roses as even with the amazing scenes, interacting with new people and the great exposure there are downsides. But, we won’t dwell on it instead we are going to focus on the 3 great things about it:

Get to cover different events

In most events, the organizers put a great deal of thought into ensuring that things go smoothly. Details are important in planning as a single negligent thought or action can cause havoc. Everything from the dress code, decorations and location of the event matter and as the photographer you should be itching to capture this on camera.

Things are always going on in an event and it is up to the photographer to ensure that these memories do not escape being captured. The capturing of these activities is the fun part of it all and as a result, the photographer can never be bored. A wide rang of emotions can be viewed during an event from happiness, somberness, laughter, tears etc. They are all fodder for the photographer to capture.

Hone Skills

Due to the expansive nature of photography, you learn a new thing at every event. Each event is different from the other and the approach you take as a professional determines if you learn a new skill or sharpen an already acquired one. Such is the case for photographer Hampshire who have to learn to adapt their skills as well as pick up new ones in other to deliver on the quality their clients demand from them.

Another thing about photography is that it demands for a high level of creativity from its practitioners otherwise photographers will be no different from regular individuals using their phones to capture images. The wedding photographer also needs to pick the ability od direction so as to gain the type of pictures that are awe inspiring. This is why you see some photographers pay attention to the details of an event like location and attires worn.

Pick up socializing skills

In photography, you need to learn how to socialize with other people as getting new clients requires networking. From networking, you can get new leads for clients and your ability to interact with these individuals will also determine if they get converted to income for you. You also gain exposure to individuals with varying personalities and get an insight into cultures different from yours. In essence, a photographer Hampshire gets to be open about new experiences.

There are other amazing things to gain from being a photographer apart from the 3 mentioned above. Just know that if one of the three things above does not drive you to continue with your chosen profession and if you still can’t decide why you are in the profession then maybe it is not for you


What You Should Do on Your First Meeting

Essex wedding photographerFor those who have just begun their career as an Essex wedding photographer, thinking about meeting your first client/stranger might be nerve-wracking. What kind of people are they? How should act or talk in front of them? How to appear as a wedding photographer that they’ll like?

We know you’d be thinking about all of these, so let us help you.

Slay that first impression

The best way to impress someone on your first meeting is to first appear confident. No matter how nervous or unsure you are about yourself or the client, give them the best smile you can. Grab their hands and shake without tilting it sideways. Make polite eye contact with them and address their name properly.

Introduce yourself first before they ask as it shows that you’re responsible and prompt when doing things. Yet, don’t act as if you are marketing yourself from the first meeting. They still want to get to know about you before even thinking about hiring you.

Stuff to bring

On your first meeting, it’s best to bring some portfolios in the printed version. Your client might have seen them from your website and that was probably what attracted them and contacted you. But you also want them to know that you have more works that will not disappoint and dispel their concerns about your work quality consistency.

Aside from portfolios, you can also bring your own name card. It should not contain too many words except for your studio’s name, your own name, phone number and your site’s URL (or barcode for scanning). It’ll make it easier for them to find you again.

Teach them about your site

In the case that they become your clients, you need to teach them about your site. But that means your site has to be optimized like An Essex wedding photographer must make sure that his site is easy to navigate and use even on smartphones. You can also show how clients’ galleries are made, accessed and why yours is a great place to keep the wedding pictures in.

You can also show your price list from the site directly. This will encourage them to refer back to it whenever they need to, increasing traffic to your site. But if you want that to be possible, you need to create a price list that is easy for people to look at.

Listen first

Do not take the initiative to offer first. Ask the clients about their wedding and let them speak until they are finished. Only occasionally give feedbacks in form of clarifying the details you just heard. You cannot know what they want unless you’ve known the situation.

Talk later

As you speak, put in mind that those words are for the best of the clients. What kind of package you think will suit their budget? What do they prioritize, ceremony or reception? Will they like their pictures complete from early morning preparation? Will you need to bring in a second photographer to help you?

As you listen, you do need to train your analyzing ability as an Essex wedding photographer. There can be some unfavorable situations that you can tell and discuss with your clients. The point is to make it an enjoyable conversation and get to know each other’s situations and wishes.

5 Creative Solutions for Portrait Photography

portrait photographyComing up with an idea to get a creative shot of portrait photography isn’t easy. At least, that’s what you thought, so we’re here to help make it easy for you.

The following 6 solutions will definitely help you get around portraits easily and come up with something different for each of your client. Following these solutions will also bring you more varied results of photography.

Focus on the eye or something unique

There are various things to focus on the model’s face, however, the most important aspect is the eye. People who look at the picture will always look at the eye first and pay most attention to what is focused. If you are shooting up close, you really need to be careful that the picture is not blurring the nose or other aspects of the face.

Aside from the eye, you can try focusing on something unique about the subject. You can focus on the creative nail art of her fingers and have them stretched forward so that you’ll blur the face behind. Or you can focus on a small object in front of the subject, blurring the person behind it.

Don’t focus on anything!

This is more of a mysterious approach to portrait. Usually, you will have the subject standing in front of you, but you blur the image. It’s similar to how you will focus on something else, but this time, you want people to focus on the blurred subject with nothing in focus. It’s an interesting approach to make people guess who that is.

Don’t blur too much that you can’t even make out what is in it. Be sure that it sorts of tease people and ask ‘who that could be in the picture’. You can check our portrait photography by for more interesting blurring techniques.

Frame the picture

Use something to create a frame of the picture. It allows people to focus on what is being captured in the middle of it. What you can use to frame depends on you! It could be the gap on the wall or stacked up objects that creates enough space to show part or all of your face in it.


Your subject is capable of various expressions, so make use of that! People typically smile on their photography session and that’s the usual norm. But have you thought of capturing a serious face or a contemplating expression?

Various types of expressions have beauty in them and to reach those, you may need to communicate something with your model. On the other hand, a naturally made expression would look better.

Light it up or not

There is no need to always try to light up everything to capture your pictures clearly. If the situation is dark, make use of it! You might even want to find a darker place.

A dark place allows you to obscure the things that you don’t want to be captured in the frame. By lightly flashing only what you want, your viewers will be able to focus only on them. Use a light diffuser if you are shooting close to the face to prevent painful flash on your subject. It’ll also soften the light that falls on your subject in portrait photography.