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Missteps Every Bride Shouldn’t Make

Having an open bar.

Sheffield wedding photographerAn open bar isn’t always a good thing. For one, you will be burning money off way faster than you would probably think since they usually charge by the head. You need to understand the fact that not all of the people in your wedding day will be drinking like fishes and it means that you certainly don’t have to pay out for the drinks that aren’t even being consumed in the first place. Don’t make this mistake because you can always use that extra money for more important services and expenses during the wedding such as the aspect of hiring out a Sheffield wedding photographer, for example. You need to approach this with a certain sense of level headedness in order for this to work out for you and for everything else that you have been planning to do so far so take things with a grain of salt and don’t sign on anything that you haven’t really shrewdly assessed just yet.

Choosing a dress size based on weight goals.

We get it. you want to be slimmer or fitter during the wedding but there is no sense in you squeezing into a dress that is a little too tight for you just because you think that you can lose that much weight leading up to the main wedding day. it doesn’t have to be like that at all and you need to be careful about this because it is always best if the dress fits you perfectly, regardless of what size you may be so far. Go for a dress size that fits you. If by any chance you manage to lose weight somewhere along the way, alterations can take care of that. If you pick out an overly tight dress and you end up not losing as much weight as you would like to, this can turn into a bit of a nightmare and something that you ought to do something about as much as you possibly can. Your Sheffield wedding photographer will not be able to remedy the situation. He might be able to edit the pictures but not your comfort level during the day of the wedding so try to think about that first and foremost.

Not going through beauty trials.

Beauty trials are essential so that you will be able to nail the look that you have always wanted to go for during the day of the wedding. Some makeup artists can do this for you for free while others might charge a fee. Go through them anyway. You need it so that you can assess how you are going to end up looking like during the day of your wedding. have a Sheffield wedding photographer along with you so that he can shoot some practice shots to give you a little bit more insight into how you are going to end up looking like at some point or so.

Not hiring the needed professionals.

You need them and you should never ever cut corners when it comes to professional services during the wedding because you will regret it if you do. Your wedding photos in particular should be shot professionally. If you want to take a look at an impressive Sheffield wedding photographer portfolio, go ahead and visit

Most Featured Flowers in Weddings


wedding flowersRoses do not hold a prominent place of attendance in weddings alone. As a matter of fact, they are associated with almost all romantic events. For events such as valentines, anniversaries, and birthdays amongst others, the rose always finds its way into them. Is it because it is common or because it comes in different types from pink, white to yellow roses. Due to this, they are regarded as the most romantic flowers on earth and this may just be the reason why they happen to be amongst the most featured wedding flowers.

One thing you can be sure of when you see a rose is that a special event is on the horizon or has just been concluded. Probably amongst the millions of flowers on earth, the rose keeps on being used and this is because it is far from boring with the different spurge of colours you can get from its specie. It is a flower that is said to signify everything and anything from passion, beauty and love and even the Greek god cupid made the flower his favourite.


Another flower you are most likely to come across in a wedding is the tulip. However, this type holds a place of prominence in Netherlands as the most featured of wedding flowers there. It may be popular in that side of Europe but the flower has its origins deeply rooted in Persia. The meaning of tulip is said to be “love that consumes” and “blissful years”. With such a meaning behind the name, it is no surprise that it is highly ranked amongst wedding flowers.

Probably a merit of this flower is the fact that it is not restricted to certain seasons of the year and can be gotten year round. Just make a way to your local florist and they are bound to have it available in different colors. The wide range of colors extend from yellow, peach, magenta, purple and red. Although these flower is available all year, it can be cheap or expensive depending on the variety. Apart from blessing the union of marriage with their blissful presence, these flowers add a burst of color and can go well with most wedding themes.


How do we describe this beautiful flower that comes in varying shades of purple, pink, burgundy and blue? An apt description would be the most intense of wedding flowers you will ever come across. With its big bushy head that is reminiscent of a micro shrub and the way it changes colors depending on the atmosphere, this flower just like its other counterparts is sure to bring that added touch of perfection to any wedding venue.

The type of colour of hydrangea you make use of in your wedding flowers bouquet or decoration will depend on when it was picked from the soil. While growing, the flower changes its colors from pink to blue all depending on the level of acid present in the soil. The good thing is that it is not that expensive and you are bound to get a good bargain from the local florist.

Tips When You DIY Your Wedding Flowers

Cut at a 45 degree angle.

wedding photographer WimbledonWhen you are prepping your own flowers for the wedding, it is important that you know which way to cut at some point or so. Doing it at a slight angle will give you a bit of an advantage so far because it means that the flowers will be able to seep in the water to keep them fresher for longer. This will ensure that your flowers get to last longer than usual, giving your professional wedding photographer Wimbledon more than enough time to get the flowers the kind of photography coverage that they deserve so far. It isn’t anything major but it still is something worth remembering when you are doing your own wedding flowers so far.

Make petal confetti out of the scraps.

Imagine the kind of impact this will be giving you and your partner when you exit your way out of the wedding ceremony. This is something that your guests will really be able to appreciate and so will your wedding photographer Wimbledon for the wedding so far. You also get to make sure that nothing ever goes to waste so far because the truth of the matter is that you technically aren’t throwing anything away so far.

Bind them with hair elastics.

This will hold the stems together without the bulky disadvantage of wires and the like. You will be able to hide them better when you go ahead and wrap them up with ribbons to make sure that the wedding bouquets actually get to have the right or the proper type of presentation so far. When you are setting up the bouquets for the wedding, you need to know for sure that they will be secure and that they wouldn’t fall all over the place when you and your bridesmaids are walking around during the wedding ceremony.

Add in some greens.

When you talk things out with a potential florist, try to see if you can minimize the amount of buds that you are planning to include in the wedding flower arrangements so far. Greens cost next to nothing. The truth of the matter is that they are technically relatively for free which means that you will be able to go ahead and save so much money somewhere along the way. This way, you can allocate the funds to more of the other expenses that you are planning to cover and set up for the wedding when it all comes down to it. It will even be a little easier on the eyes. Green tends to soothe the eyes and this is something that you can play up a little. You even get to make your wedding budget go off a long way while you are at it. Your florist is bound to give you a discount about this one way or the other. Keep this in mind as well when you are going your own wedding flowers. Your wedding photographer Wimbledon will be able to showcase the arrangements the right way.