Formal vs. Lifestyle Baby Photography

baby photographyWhat is the different between these two styles and how can you make a better choice? Let’s check out the differences between formal and lifestyle baby photography.


A lifestyle typically features natural and relaxed session where the location is usually the home of the family. Baby is posed and let to explore in several selected rooms and photographers will take some pictures. In lifestyle session, the photographer will usually take even impromptu pictures. These unplanned ones sometimes become the best among all.

Lifestyle can also be brought outdoors. If the weather looks fine and the outdoor location has a great view, it’ll be a great addition to your collection. Just make sure to talk about it during the visit prior to the session, so the photographer can also have a look and tell you if it’s okay.

Prior to the session

Prior to visiting for the actual session, the photographer will make a separate visit to the house. They want to get a good look at the set they’ll be shooting as this is their first time to come. Rooms have to be selected, so they can tell you what to prepare for the session. You also don’t have to try to clean up all the rooms and just focus on preparing the ones you’ve discussed with your photographer.

There’s no need to prepare a lot of props unless you personally want to see you baby in them. As your photographer arrives, you can ask him if these props can be included in the pictures.

It’s best that all family members can be ready at home when the photographer arrived. With the baby as the main focus, the rest of the family should enter the frame to be included in the pictures. That’s, at least, what most photographers like to tell their clients to do!


Most of baby photography portfolios by are formal style. The pictures are taken in the studio of the photographer with props, backgrounds and set all prepared by the photographer. In photography session that includes babies, photographers have an assistant that helps them prepare, clean up and put the baby into position.

In a formal session, the photographer will pose the baby according to the theme of the session. Sometimes, photographers like to rotate the theme and provide different packages every now and then. It makes things interesting every year, you’ll have something new to expect from your photographer. But with newborn babies, there’s typically only one theme.

Your photographer will also prepare the props. In this case, it’s important that you ask for the safety of using those props, for example, a hanging beanbag. Newborn babies in hanging bags are cute, but also dangerous. There is also the fact that your photographer and assistant should handle the baby with care.

With older babies, you can do birthday cake smash baby photography session, which involves the baby smashing his birthday cake. Since this is a new experience for the little one, their reactions tend to be very cute and funny. Although, parents shouldn’t expect their baby to react the same way they expect it to.

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