How Many Wedding Photographers Surrey You Will Need?

wedding photographers SurreyEvery couple wants to do their best to find the right person to do their job. But sometimes, you might actually meet the right people because only one person is not enough. But how do you know if you will need multiple wedding photographers Surrey? Don’t worry if you have no idea how to decide that because we can help you with it.

How big is your wedding?

The first question you must answer is how big your wedding is. The bigger it is, the more photographer you will need. Obviously, an additional shooter will help cover more of the wedding and provide you with more pictures to keep. But, how big is too big for a solo shooter?

The different photographer has different capabilities. But a professional photographer will be able to tell you how much he can handle by himself. He won’t just tell you that he can do what you want even when it’s obviously not something he can do about alone.

But note that a single photographer will still be able to cover all the important moments. As a professional, they will always prioritize capturing the pictures of the main wedding party such as the ceremony and the reception. You don’t have to worry about it even if you are only hiring one photographer. But what you will miss is pictures that could have included your friends and parents.

A professional single photographer?

There are quite a lot of professional wedding photographers Surrey. But one that we particularly want to recommend is Captive Photography. This photographer is very particular about putting the clients first. Not just that, words are only given when the photographer knows he’s capable of it. That means you will know if you will need a second shooter after consulting with this photographer.

Types of a second shooter

There are different kinds of the second shooter depending on their jobs. Some of you probably thought of a second shooter someone who is at the same level as the main photographer. Some of you might be thinking of an assistant. Either isn’t wrong because a second shooter can be someone who is actually the photographer’s partner or maybe only an assistant.

That is why it is important that you know what kind of a second shooter your photographer is talking about. If it’s actually just someone to help take care of the equipment and carrying them around, that’s not a second shooter. An assistant level would mean that the shooter is responsible to take pictures of the venue, guests and things that can be added into your wedding pictures collection.

Your main photographer must inform you about the second shooter so you know that you are not paying extra for nothing. Check your contract before you sign anything as well and make sure that it is stated how many photographers will come and if possible, the name of the photographers.

Made your choice, yet?

Don’t worry, take your time to find the photographer. There are many wedding photographers Surrey that you have to check and it can be a very long process! But this is necessary if you want to make sure that you get the best pictures of your wedding!

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