Must-Have Baby Shots

Do the siblings shot.

baby photographyThe whole purpose of a baby photography shoot is to make sure that precious family memories such as a new addition to the family are documented the right way. Including the baby’s siblings would be the best way of being able to immortalize these said memories when it all comes down to it. Siblings will turn out to be the best kind of props that you could ever incorporate in the baby photography shoot that you are planning out so talk to your professional photographer if he will more or less agree to this concept. Although kids and babies in general can be a handful, you can be rest assured that there isn’t anything that your photographer will be able to handle or manage the right way especially if he is someone professional and has been doing this for quite some time now. It doesn’t have to be like that all throughout the photo shoot but it would be a pretty good concept to have in some of your shots, to say the least.

Do multiple sleeping shots.

Sleeping time technically means that it will be time for your professional in baby photography to start whipping out the macro lens. Macro shots can be really quite interesting and have long turned out to be a mainstay in baby photography in general. You should go out of your way to make sure that your baby is kept comfortable enough to actually make the environment conducive for sleeping. As a parent, you can really be quite helpful to your baby photographer because you know your baby best and you know what things he happen to like and which things tick him off or tend to irritate him.

The longer your baby is asleep during the baby photography shoot, the better able your photographer be in capturing great looking shots of your baby. Make sure that the baby is well fed or that you have formula or pre-pumped breast milk handy so that you can feed him the moment he shows the earliest signs of being hungry. You should also control the temperature of the room as much as possible. Babies are photographed in the nude all the time so make sure that your baby doesn’t feel cold or chilly.

Tush photos can be quite cute.

A baby’s bum is as cute as it can ever be so make sure that you go out of your way to more or less remind your photographer about the need to capture a few tush photos every now and then.

Daddy photos.

Daddy photos and poses are also quite nice to include in a baby photography shoot so include your husband in the photo shoot as much as possible. Although this isn’t something that dads are particular about, you can talk him into it and get him to participate. Mother-baby shots are quite nice to have as well but it’s the dad shots that are usually left out all the time so make sure that you take this into account.

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