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Wedding Photography Myths You Need to Get Rid Of

Cardiff wedding photographerThere are a lot of things that photographers can’t learn and they end up believing the things that others say. For example, you might still believe that card reader can somehow cause damage to your memory cards. What is the truth behind these myths? Perhaps, you can become a better Cardiff wedding photographer after expanding your knowledge.

They shouldn’t ask too many questions

Apparently, in order to look ‘smart’ and ‘professional’, asking questions can make you look dumb, or so many people believe. It’s true that usually, only students ask, not teachers. However, in the service world, this shouldn’t be part of your worry at all.

Whenever you want to try to give your best to your customer, it’s best that you find out more about them. You can’t possibly know everything about them or assume things. Doing so will you unable to shoot their wedding pictures the way they actually wanted it to be.

Asking will get you to a better position as a wedding photographer, so never fear to do it.

Memory cards cannot survive water

This one you can try yourself, but make sure you’re not trying it with some important pictures of your clients in it. Memory cards can survive water and will still work if you plug them in after wiping and drying them up (but not with a hair dryer!). Memory cards aren’t the same with phones that go awry once water gets into the system.

It’s a type of solid memory and it will still be able to be read by your card reader most of the time. If one doesn’t work, try another card reader. Cardiff wedding photographer www.guymilnes.com mentions that having more than one card reader is convenient. In the case that the card just refused to be read by one, you can always plug it into a different one.

Don’t have to attend the rehearsal

Some clients who have the chance to do a wedding rehearsal would invite their wedding vendors out of courtesy. For photographers though, it can be seen as another time-wasting event that could be avoided. It won’t hurt your performance, and your client won’t exactly think about it.

Or so you think because wedding rehearsal is actually a big chance for you. You can explore, set your camera and even test shoot a couple of poses with your clients. Use this chance to see if those will work and if the couples will like it. You can also discuss on how everybody should stand during the ceremony.

In the case that the officiant is there, you should ask for permission to shoot during the ceremony. If you’re not allowed to, you can immediately tell your clients about it and think about what you can do. You can ask to be allowed a personal space in front of the guests to take a picture once you’re allowed to. This is because guests often compete for the frontline just to get some good shots themselves.

Portfolios are enough

Clients aren’t that na├»ve to trust what they see at first glance. Always have some previous works ready at hand to show them that your skills as a Cardiff wedding photographer are up to that good. If possible, a whole album of the most recent wedding that you did should be shown to them.