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4 Tips Every Wedding Photographer Essex Needs to Get Beautiful Images

wedding photographer EssexIf you are trying to improve your skills, or if you have only just started working with a camera and learning about photography, then you might be in need of some tips. If you are looking for some helpful insight, then this is a good place to start.

Here, I will list and explain four tips that absolutely every wedding photographer Essex needs to know for the best possible results. Once you finish here, you will have a better understanding of what photography is and how to further polish your skills- even if you’re completely new to this and don’t quite yet know what natural skill you possess in this passion.

  • Know Your Gear

As a photographer, you need to get to know your gear as thoroughly as you possibly can. If you find it difficult to figure out any piece of your gear, then get into contact with someone who can help you, or look up some helpful resources for doing so.

Whenever you are exploring with your equipment, make sure that you are never experimenting on your clients. Do this in your free time, so that it does not hinder your impression on your clients. If you experiment on your clients, you could extend the length of time and increase the amount of pictures actually taken, while leaving your client with a much smaller result than it felt the work was.

Doing this would give a negative impression of your work to your clients, which will discourage them from hiring you again or referring you to anyone they know, as well as cause your business name and record to be overall tarnished by a poor choice of timing.

  • Understand Lighting

Whenever you take a photo, no matter what your method, gear, or skill is, you absolutely have to take the lighting into account and adjust accordingly. Everything depends on the lighting. Regardless of the pose, props, and every other factor, the lighting can be what makes or breaks the outcome of the shoot.

Get a feel for the lighting in several different settings. Take your camera wherever you go and practice exposure. Go out with friends and do a just for fun photo shoot- pose them in different types of lighting, and you will start to get a better feel of how to work with it.

  • Keep Backups of Everything

A wedding photographer Essex is always prepared. Anything can happen. It is vital to have backups of absolutely everything you can. Keeping backups of everything will not only be beneficial to you and your clients in the event that something unforeseen and possibly even crazy unlikely happens; it will also keep your clients calm and confident about your knowledge and ability to be so prepared.

Keeping backup files is always essential. To go through your career as a photographer without keeping any backup files is far more than improbable, it’s completely insane to attempt doing so. Having backup files is a standard procedure, due to the very simple fact that things have always been known to happen to files.

The same principle applies to your gear and equipment. SD cards break, lenses crack, and even tri pods with cameras set up ready for the pose have fallen over and been broken. This is why you must always be cautious with your equipment, not matter how experienced you are, and always have backups.

  • Understand The Proper Uses of Posing

If you don’t understand posing, that’s okay. It’s an easy thing to learn. The easiest way to begin is to work with what looks the most natural, and stick to what the client is comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be elegant.

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What You Should Do on Your First Meeting

Essex wedding photographerFor those who have just begun their career as an Essex wedding photographer, thinking about meeting your first client/stranger might be nerve-wracking. What kind of people are they? How should act or talk in front of them? How to appear as a wedding photographer that they’ll like?

We know you’d be thinking about all of these, so let us help you.

Slay that first impression

The best way to impress someone on your first meeting is to first appear confident. No matter how nervous or unsure you are about yourself or the client, give them the best smile you can. Grab their hands and shake without tilting it sideways. Make polite eye contact with them and address their name properly.

Introduce yourself first before they ask as it shows that you’re responsible and prompt when doing things. Yet, don’t act as if you are marketing yourself from the first meeting. They still want to get to know about you before even thinking about hiring you.

Stuff to bring

On your first meeting, it’s best to bring some portfolios in the printed version. Your client might have seen them from your website and that was probably what attracted them and contacted you. But you also want them to know that you have more works that will not disappoint and dispel their concerns about your work quality consistency.

Aside from portfolios, you can also bring your own name card. It should not contain too many words except for your studio’s name, your own name, phone number and your site’s URL (or barcode for scanning). It’ll make it easier for them to find you again.

Teach them about your site

In the case that they become your clients, you need to teach them about your site. But that means your site has to be optimized like www.justin-bailey.co.uk. An Essex wedding photographer must make sure that his site is easy to navigate and use even on smartphones. You can also show how clients’ galleries are made, accessed and why yours is a great place to keep the wedding pictures in.

You can also show your price list from the site directly. This will encourage them to refer back to it whenever they need to, increasing traffic to your site. But if you want that to be possible, you need to create a price list that is easy for people to look at.

Listen first

Do not take the initiative to offer first. Ask the clients about their wedding and let them speak until they are finished. Only occasionally give feedbacks in form of clarifying the details you just heard. You cannot know what they want unless you’ve known the situation.

Talk later

As you speak, put in mind that those words are for the best of the clients. What kind of package you think will suit their budget? What do they prioritize, ceremony or reception? Will they like their pictures complete from early morning preparation? Will you need to bring in a second photographer to help you?

As you listen, you do need to train your analyzing ability as an Essex wedding photographer. There can be some unfavorable situations that you can tell and discuss with your clients. The point is to make it an enjoyable conversation and get to know each other’s situations and wishes.