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All the Gears Beside Camera You Always Need

photo boothThe camera is the lifeline of a wedding photographer Scotland. But it’s definitely not enough to do a perfect and smooth photography session. Amazing pictures don’t just happen and it means you need to get the right equipment to enhance the quality of the pictures.

Although we can always enhance things through editing, getting them right through RAW is always better. Editing should not be your choice to create an amazing picture. Always aim to get it great on your RAW shoot.


Whenever the dark strikes, you know that you have the weapon to counter it. The flashlight is automatically the most useful thing to light things up. For example, you need to light up the background together with the flash on your camera to prevent black holes from forming. It’s also a great tool to use for light painting wedding photography if you do one.


Whether it’s dark or too bright, reflectors are the best thing to prevent shadows from being cast on the face of the couples. There are a lot of reflectors color that you can use and bring to the site. They’re even sold online in the form of a convenient bag that can be switched to the one you need anytime.

For budget reflectors, you can always use aluminum foil, golden aluminum foil or a wide piece of white paper. All of them reflect lights but create different ambient. Take a stroll on this professional wedding photographer Scotland’s site at www.andrewweild.com and figure out which one had used which reflector.


If you don’t bring this, you’re doomed as a photographer. Whoever will block their camera from the rain with their hands? Hood is important if you don’t want to ruin your camera forever. It’s not cheap, to begin with and a hood is a very light thing to bring around.

It also prevents droplets of water to get onto your lens. Unless you’re working on a special effect of your picture, this is not something anyone would want on their lens.

Additional camera

We all have one main camera we like to bring to our every job. We’re just so used to it and we don’t want to be fussed with having too many cameras to use. But having a substitute camera is a must. You never know when your main decides to go on a temporary (or maybe permanent) pension.

You need to bring along a camera with similar or good quality in the case you need to immediately continue shooting.

More batts and memory cards

This stuff is also, a must for any wedding photographer Scotland. You cannot go to a wedding, have your camera low on battery and tell everybody to stop the party because you need to charge your camera.

You’re expected to check the battery before leaving and have them all charged full, but we never know when it chooses to not to work or drops real low. We can’t even be sure if we’ll always remember to charge them. But having an extra battery, just in case, is just a much better guarantee.

The same thing goes for memory cards. You don’t know if it’s going to go corrupted in the middle of shooting the bride going up the aisle.