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Photography SEO Basics

Get a non-flash photography website

photography stylesFor most people who are a bit new to the world of search engine optimization, the term SEO can be a bit daunting and a bit intimidating but the truth of the matter is that for as long as you have the knack to learn about it, you will at some point or so find a way to learn about it. Contrary to what most people think about spending tons of money in order to make photography SEO work for them, there are actually a lot of things that you can work out in order for you to be able to do things without having to spend too much money on it. A pretty good way for you to start off with photography SEO is for you to make sure that you get a non-flash photography website when it all comes down to it.

Search engine optimization can be a really challenging topic for you to go ahead and work with, the common correct notion about this would be that the best thing that people can do about this would be to post content that is original on a routine or regular basis when it all comes down to it.

Get SEOquake on your browser if you would like a great head start in photography SEO.

This is basically just a plug in that comes for free that you can go ahead and install in your Mozilla or Chrome browsers. How it works is that it grants you access to see websites the way that search engines basically see them. One cardinal rule that you will need to remember all of the time for photography SEO is the fact that search engines do not work all that well with flash based websites. What they work well with are short and concise descriptions, alt tags used on the images, and meta keywords.

This is a really useful and interesting tool to have on your browsers because of the fact that it will also provide you access to what descriptions or what keywords are being searched the most. That way, you will get a pretty good idea about where your content should revolve upon one way or the other. It has useful tabs such as the Page Info tab which will more or less how you how your website ranks up compared to the rest of the other currently existing websites all around the world.

You will also get to have a keyword density tab.

It is useful in showing you what the most common words are in your website’s content. This will help you have laser focus on which keywords or cultivate as much as possible so that you are able to really optimize your website in the best possible way instead of just blindly filling it with a bunch of words that don’t really get to make all that sense in the process. You also get to see the Analysis tab which is basically a summary of your website is doing with photography SEO.  It will be based off of industry search engine optimization standards.