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Questions to Ask for Wedding Photography Leicester

wedding photography LeicesterWhat should you ask when you meet a wedding photographer? You want to make that single meeting count, and because of that, we want to help you list out the things you need to get answers regarding the wedding photography Leicester service you are getting.

Experience and skills

The wedding photographer’s quality and capability are the first things you need to confirm. Ask how long he’s worked as a photographer and how many years in that includes him working as a wedding photographer. It’s also worth asking if he works on anything other than as a wedding photographer. You want someone who focuses on wedding photography only and gives his all in it.

Also, the longer is the experience, the better it is. And how long is long enough? There’s not precise answer because there are the portfolios to decide it. Longer experience tells you if the photographer knows what he’s doing. It also means the photographer has potentially faced many problems and overcome them, reassuring you that you shouldn’t worry too much should anything happen.

When you look at the portfolios, ask about his style and his methods of working. Does he like to remain in the background or pose people for the pictures better?

Quote and additional fee

How much does it cost to hire the photographer at the hours you ask? Each photographer differs in not just the price, but also the additional services they provide. Some couples appreciate the bonuses while others who are tight on a budget might be more willing to forgo them in exchange for a discount.

For example, if you check www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk, the site of a professional wedding photography Leicester studio, you will be able to see the price of the service already. But when you meet them, you should ask things like customizing or negotiating the terms of the packages to fit your needs more. There is a possibility that the wedding photographer will agree.

Be sure to check if there is an additional fee if you have to hire the photographer to work longer on the spot. Also, make sure that the logistics fee is covered and included in the final price when you discuss it. If you will be hiring the wedding photographer to work somewhere quite far that needs him to stay the day before, ask how to best take care of it.


Aside from the experience and skill, we also want you to check out one aspect of professionalism and that is his frequency of work. Some photographers work on a total of 60-70 weddings a year, others take up much less job. At a glance, some might think those who work more are better at their job and earn more. But more isn’t always better.

A photographer that takes up too much job won’t be able to focus on each of them and only does it halfheartedly because they are either too tired or just couldn’t care less. A photographer who sets enough time apart from each job has more time to plan and focus on each client. He will also have more time to meet and discuss the wedding photography Leicester service with you.

3 Things You Need to Remind Your Photographer

wedding photography LeicesterEach of us has our own priorities in planning our wedding. Some want to make sure that their wedding gown is perfect and dashing. Others want the party to be enjoyable and memorable for the guests.

But wedding photography Leicester is really something else. It’s the service that will leave you with documentation of the day and the only that’s left after the day is over. 30 years from now, you’ll really thank your photographer for having done a great job that day and allowing you to show your future grandsons what you wore on your wedding day.

It’s not wise to tell your photographer what to do and that’s not the purpose of this guide. If you have special requests, however, remember to leave a note for them. You won’t regret it when you receive the results.

Someone important

There a few couples who had the time to think about what should be captured on their wedding day. Once they wear their full attire with makeup and appear in front of their parents, the flood of feels just come and smash into their faces. Everyone forgets that just because dad is acting tough and not crying, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get enough pictures.

Tell your photographer about certain people that you want him to especially pay attention to. It could be your lovely aunt who lives abroad and came over specially for you or your 90-year-old grandma who manages to attend and still enjoy a glass of champagne with you.

Handmade decoration

Is there anything special about the wedding preparation? A wedding photography Leicester provider from www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk makes sure to always have his clients make their requests early.

Mention it when the bonbons, souvenirs or anything is handmade by you or someone close to you. You want to show appreciation and it’ll be such a shame as they cannot be used to this day and you didn’t get to take many pictures of it! Tell your photographer and you can leave it to him to specially take care of that one picture.

You can also ask to have some pictures of the special handmade stuff in it taken. Just in case that you forget, remember to briefly remind the photographer of what you’ve requested on the wedding day.

Group Pictures

It’s not rare to see couples to have to spend a little bit more on their photographer for overtime. It’s due to the fact that that they didn’t know certain things can take more time than planned. Such as, for example, group pictures session.

You don’t know how long a single group picture can take. Sometimes, everyone needs to greet you first before settling down for the picture and that can take ten minutes. What if you have 5 or more group pictures to take?

Remind your photographer about it and see if he has suggestions to make. You can also appoint an usher or organizer to take care of it. It’ll help save time and keeps you from having to pay extra hour fee because of that.

Don’t forget to remind these three things on your wedding photography Leicester and you’ll less likely be disappointed or regret your wedding pictures results.