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Tips For Booking Weddings In Lake Como

Keep an eye in the guest list

wedding photographerWhen planning out weddings in Lake Como, the first thing that you need to really keep a close eye to is your guest list. The guest list for a wedding set in a quaint and destination location such as Lake Como will turn out to be very limited. Most of the venues there can only accommodate 50 or so people at any given time. This means that you might need to opt for a really intimate wedding setup if this is a kind of venue that you would like to go ahead and commit to as much as possible. On the flip side though, what this means is that you can trim out the unnecessary guests and only keep those who are close and who actually matter to you.

More than that, the fact that this is a wedding set in Italy means that most of those people will need to end up traveling as well one way or the other. They won’t really do that unless you mean a lot to them as well. It’s really more of setting your priorities straight and more of looking into what matters the most to you. You might want to discuss that with your spouse ahead of time so that you can start drafting out the guest lists while you’re at it.

Another main concern out of booking weddings in Lake Como are the accommodations.

Most of these venues require week-long reservations. This can be very expensive and quite frankly, a bit unnecessary at times as well. The fact that a wedding only takes one day is something that you should pay particular attention to. You are going to end up footing the bill for the entire thing, after all and this is something that you should be very careful about. Going over budget can be stressful and it might leave you laden with regrets and debts even long after the wedding is over. With a little bit of patience and with a little bit of work, you will be able to find better venues that have options for just 2-3 days. You don’t have to book a wedding venue for the entire week when you are only going to need it for a day for the rehearsal and for another day for the actual wedding day, after all.

Inclement weather might turn out to be a bit of an issue when prepping things up for weddings in Lake Como.

Most of the weddings in Lake Como bank heavily on the aspect of including the scenery. This is the main attraction of the place, after all. You have to understand that most of the time, your main aim would be to go ahead and shoot outdoors but that might not turn out to be the easiest thing to pull off. You have to understand that there is the slight chance of rain and you need to be prepared for it. Have the venue put up canopy tents that can you and the rest of your party will be able to gain shelter from in the event of rain.

Transportation arrangements don’t always have to be chartered.

You can always make do with public ferries and the like. It will get to serve the purpose at just a fraction of the cost. This is a practical approach to things and something that you should check out as much as possible.