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Wedding Album: Don’t Wait to Print it Out!

wedding photography yorkshireHiring a wedding photographer is not cheap. You might realize that when you’re about to book a wedding photography Yorkshire session, wedding album costs a lot. A few wedding albums can cost up to more than $1000. So, what’s the rush? This can definitely wait since my photographer will provide me with the digital files anyway, right?

Yes, it might wait longer than you planned

There are way too many people that said, “This can wait.” And things ended up never happening because they are still ‘waiting for the right time to do it’.

More like, you probably won’t be making enough time to do it. The process of printing an album requires you to rearrange your favorite picture, asking your wedding photographer for the copyright and then asking the company to print it out for you.

In the case that your photographer does not allow it, you will have to print only from him alone. Sooner or later, it’s going to happen, so why not do it now when everything can be done is one shot?

Wedding album takes time to be printed

Most wedding photography Yorkshire sessions take up to 4 months to finish before the photographer sends everything to you. During the wait time, you could have saved some time by letting your photographer do everything, including orders for the wedding album.

It still costs the same (or even more expensive to buy separately) to print out your wedding album.

Lots of people would want to see your pictures

There’ll be a lot of people that want to congratulate you. Especially family relative who comes to visit, they’d want to have a look at your wedding album. Only to be disappointed by the fact that you only have the digital files.

If you thought that you can just upload the digital files to be seen by them, that depends on the rights your photographer gives. If you don’t have the copyright, you are not allowed to publicly post your wedding pictures anywhere, because the owner is still your photographer.

No time to look at the digital files

Years go by, and you haven’t had the time to look back at the digital files. Much less, the time to print out your wedding album. If you had printed it beforehand, by now, you can take it out anytime from your shelf at looked back at the pictures.

Digital files are convenient, but they don’t carry the same feeling as a wedding album does. Let’s be honest: how many times in a year do you go back to your computer and go through every file to look back at your pictures? At the same time, how many years have your grandma kept her wedding pictures? How many times have you flipped over the wedding pictures of our parents and giggled at the sight?

Wedding album is a long-time investment

The value of your wedding album goes up as years go by. Know that this will be something that you’d want to show to your children in one or two decades. It’ll be something that you’ll keep for anniversaries to come. It’ll also be something to brag with your grandchildren after half a century. With all these important memories, a few thousand dollars is just worth it.